Easy, Big Fat Yeast Rolls

24 thoughts on “Easy, Big Fat Yeast Rolls”

  1. I found this recipe about a week ago. I am now making these for the 3rd time!! These are the best rolls I have made. My family devours them! The only thing I added was some garlic salt on top. Yummy!! Thanks so much for this recipe!


  2. i don't have any luck with yeast…it is always dead, no bubbles, rolls flop. i've wasted a lot of flour and other ingredients because of bad yeast…i've tried looking at the date but it still does not work…help…where can i find yeast that rises…???


  3. I tried this recipe and my dough did not rise at all. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? What constitutes a “warm place”? A friend of mine told me to use the warm feature on my oven which is about 150 degrees, is that too hot?


  4. You can check your yeast beFORE you waste your flour by adding the water and about a teaspoon of the sugar called for in the recipe to it. When it foams up, that means it's alive. If it doesn't, toss it…and get better yeast from the places Mary suggested. I personally use King Arthur Flour's SAF yeast, but have never had problems with regular ole Fleischmann's yeast from the grocery store! Good luck!!


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